New approach to work and organization
“Looking at LinkedIN, I notice that more and more is being shared about who someone is, what he wants to contribute to, what he enjoys. The CV seems to matter less and less.” It was a shocking discovery for him, this man who oriented himself on the next step […]

Jobs and stuff – our beloved constant
We live in a super exciting time. Technological developments cause extremely rapid changes. In any field. We have little idea of the impact this will have on our lives, at our work. On very short term already. Just look at the developments in the field of labor, work that […]

How to be your own beloved constant
I already wrote it in this week’s article, in the full hectic of change there is a constant, and that is man himself. That’s you! One way to be your own beloved constant is to know your intention of being. The basic idea of my philosophy, named intention of […]

Wholeheartedly YES to your job responsibilities
Due to all changes in the labor market, responsibilities are shifting. There are 3 significant movements to distinguish: 1. Duties will increasingly change into roles. Work is increasingly organized in projects, with someone choosing by himself where and when he works. Technology is what enables this. It requires him […]

It’s time to update the resume
The traditional resume has been increasingly questioned. Even though it is still the most common form to introduce a potential employer or client to a candidate, the forms of organizations that are evolving now require other information to know whether someone is suitable for the job that needs to […]

An employer to love
“I would like to go back to work with more pleasure. If you enjoy your work, is it still work?” This is what Jim says, a 31-year-old man who works as a Functional Administrator within a dynamic online retail organization. He has decided to resign himself. What Jim outlines […]

Education for future jobs
“We educate young people for jobs that don’t exist yet.” said Michiel of Hogeschool Utrecht this morning. Exactly the same as I wrote in my whitepaper about Quaning. Again a confirmation of the importance of knowing your intention of being, the one constant factor you have when you move […]

Key factors towards work
When I worked as a corporate coach and trainer in the 90s, I also trained people with a distance to the labor market. An important module was about your network and its huge influence on getting a job. Another module was about how communicating sincerely about who you really […]

Wrapped gifts from the universe
In this rapidly changing labor market, it is increasingly important to have a good view of what you can contribute to organizational objectives. There is a relatively simple way to have an idea of which work suits us best. We get so many signals to know how we can […]

Be attractive, job seeker and employer!
The job market is extremely competitive, for both job seekers and employers. They need to do everything they can to make sure that they are as appealing as possible for one another. Knowing how to stand out on the job market gives both a leg up over steep competition. […]