Quantum mechanics, a hot topic
The sustainable achievement of work-related personal and organizational goals is my field of work. I’ve spent years researching this. I found more and more confirmations for my personal observations in the principles of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics is the theory of the smallest particles, a complex and overwhelming theory. […]

My introduction to the invisible world
If you have always assumed that only what you can see and touch is reality and your ratio is your best advisor, then the idea that there could be more in our world than that, doesn’t keep you busy. I can remember the first I heard about it so […]

The quantum mechanics mystery
So this month, the hot topic is about quantum mechanics. Perhaps a topic that doesn’t pop up to your mind directly when it comes to achieving goals to life and work from who you truely are. And yet, it has everything to do with it. First let’s see how […]

Let go of your own beliefs
If you run into something, become frustrated or irritated, then you make sure to find a solution for that what you want differently. If it is a small change, then you probably get away with it. But are you going off the beaten track …, hm with a bit […]

The invisible world made visible
I went home a bit shaky, but I felt straight away that she was right. Apparently I had talents like sensitivity and intuition. I immediately started working on it. I ‘had to’. Apparently something inside me was switched ‘on’, it had to be used now, at once. And apparently […]

Our bundle of joy
According to quantum mechanics, everything consists of particles. Just look around you. Think about it, everything you see consists of particles. Imagine that you would divide everything into the smallest particles. Weird idea, don’t you think. And those particles apparently know what kind of particle they are and what […]

How the results in your life relate to quantum mechanics
Are you wondering where the results in your life are based on? Do you want to find out where to find the root cause of all that’s happening? Then please read on, there’s a clear answer to these questions! All stimuli a person experiences, all you go through in […]