Technological developments and its impact on us
We live in a world where technological developments follow each other in quick succession. Something that yesterday was still part of our imagination will suddenly be possible today. Tomorrow there will be something that you could have never imagined. Our reality, when it comes to organizational forms and the […]

How butterflies and innovation are related to each other
The influence of an individual on innovation is now greater than ever. The butterfly effect ensures that technological developments take off at lightning speed. With impactful consequences for market forces, the organization of work and our place in it. In 1961, when my former employer Digital Equipment was still […]

How to be your own beloved constant
I already wrote it in this week’s article, in the full hectic of change there is a constant, and that is man himself. That’s you! One way to be your own beloved constant is to know your intention of being. The basic idea of my philosophy, named intention of […]

Get a grip
I wish I could take a peek into the future. I am so curious about all technological developments. They go fast as lightning. It is beyond our imagination what effect they will have on our lives and our work. How will that look like. What changes will it bring […]

Robots are coming
The robots are coming! It was life-size on a billboard for a factory building under construction. We drove too fast to read exactly what would be housed for business. But it caught my attention within a nanosecond. Robots, they bring about something. Team Loss & Distrust is competing with […]

The world is a village
I love technology. It allows me to be in touch with the whole world from behind my desk. Last week was like a trip around the world. Next to my regular meetings in The Netherlands, I ‘went’ to New York to discuss our international expansion, to Egypt and Spain […]

It’s time for an educational paradigm shift
Most of the current students will do work that is beyond our imagination now. In a rapid tempo there is new work to be done that we had no idea of before. School and studies train for professions of which it remains to be seen whether they still exist […]

What will the Uber drivers be doing?
We spoke to each other by phone because of the follow-up meeting of her Intention of Being profile* she received the week before. I had to think about Uber right away. I know, my mind takes me to unexpected places sometimes. Anyway, we were discussing one of the themes […]