Synchronicity is always there and in all sorts of ways. When I was just about to write this short article, I received an image from Rob. It was a quote of Mark Twain, saying that there are two important days in your life: the day you are born and the day you find out why. With lots of respect for Mark Twain, Rob knows that I think differently. It is exactly the subject I wanted to write about today. I love synchronicity, coincidence doesn’t exist.

Yes, there are, at least, two important days in your life. I believe there is another important day, which hopefully comes sooner than the day you find out your why. It is the day that you find out your intention of being.

Your intention of being is exactly what the words say, it is the intention of your being. It is that what you are intended to be. What you radiate from all your cells. What you contribute to the world when you are in your most pure form, just being you. Your body recognizes it straight away and makes you feel that it recognizes it immediately. Your mission, your vision, your why, are all well thought out consequences of your intention of being.

I wish you a beautiful day full of synchronicity, telling you how you live your life entirely from your intention of being!

Helma Lieberwerth
May 2019


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