When I developed Team-Quaning, I had in mind that it would ensure that teams would achieve quick and sustainable results, with each other and each from his own intention of being.

Yesterday I spoke to Quaner Sylvia Heistek from De Succeswinkel. She had just spoken with the director of a company where she had deployed Team-Quaning a few years ago. The goal was to have every team member make an impactful positive contribution to the operating result.

Immediately after the Team-Quaning, the individual independency, visibility and acting according to their own qualities were significantly increased. Each team member contributed directly to the team result from their talents. The team was self-managing. The director told Sylvia that it had only gotten better. He is now working on his company instead of in it and is very satisfied with the business result. Happy employees, happy customers, and of course a happy director!

That was what I had in mind when I developed Team-Quaning and trained Quaners to provide that guidance. Well done Sylvia!

Helma Lieberwerth
March 2019

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